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Drywall Framing

The steel framing systems provide an economical solution for constructing single-, double- and multi-layer drywall partitions in commercial, residential and institutional applications. steel won’t retain moisture, warp, or develop dry-rot or insect damage. When galvanized, the risk of corrosion is reduced to the absolute minimum, so it will stand up to flooding and moist climates well. 

Additionally, fire resistance is a huge benefit of using steel studs Metal studs are earthquake resistant, making them ideal for construction in high-wind and seismic zones; just like all of the west coast and any waterfront property.

Working with metal is a benefit for home renovations. Because cuts can be made with aviation snips, there will be no sawdust coating your home or your lungs! Steel framing supports good indoor air quality because it does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Drywall Framing Accessories

Metal Profiles Table